Social Media

About us

We are WTX, short for Walls & Trends. Wondering what’s ‘X’? Well, that’s a secret we would reveal when the number of people who ask us what’s ‘X’ reaches 178498.

We’re a team of 75 minds, with a mix of Gen Z and Millenial, so you see we’ve got the rizz to craft strategies and create content to achieve your brand goals. Not just that, our services include brand strategy, creative design and editing, content and video production, digital marketing, content marketing, performance marketing, web development, advertising, creating and producing brand films.

Our Approach

  • Woo the prospect client with a comprehensive pitch

  • Onboard the client

  • Understand the brand and its requirements

  • Delve deep into the competitive landscape

  • Craft a strategy basis the research

  • Chalk out an approach

  • Design a campaign or social media plan

  • Map out a performance marketing plan to reach specific audiences

  • Stay ahead of the curve always with latest trends and innovations